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Welcome by the President of the Leibniz Association

The Leibniz Association: Research for the benefit of humankind – across the world

The Leibniz Association is an umbrella organisation that brings together 91 independent member institutes with nearly 19,000 employees. Leibniz Institutes stand for research within society and for society – both at home and across the world. Indeed, almost half of all Leibniz Institutes work on topics that specifically relate to Africa: Be it in health research, agricultural and environmental research, climate research, coastal and marine research or be it in economics, the social sciences, archaeology and history: The range of topics and approaches is remarkable. Naturally, Leibniz scientists share their findings and insights with policymakers and the public.

The strength of the specific research mode that is characteristic of Leibniz Institutes becomes particularly clear in their research activities relating to Africa. Leibniz Institutes work co-operatively and cover a wide range of topics. This allows them to tackle the great challenges of our time by pursuing interdisciplinary and integrated approaches. Let us take climate change as an example: What is the influence of technical, economic and social developments on climate change? What are the effects of climate change on societies and ecosystems? In many cases, researchers from the natural sciences, the social sciences and mathematics will work under one roof on solutions to the most important challenges that the world is facing today and tomorrow.

Moreover, Leibniz Institutes co-operate with one another as well as with external partners in formats such as Leibniz Research Alliances, Leibniz Graduate Schools, joint labs and networks. To pool and share their research activities that relate to or are indeed pursued in African countries, Leibniz Institutes have come together in the Leibniz in Africa initiative. The initiative was founded on the assumption that research capacities of African partner institutions can be improved more effectively when we go beyond promoting individuals selectively and temporarily only. Instead, we wish to work with scientists from and at African research institutions on a long-term basis, on an equal footing, and in a common effort.

This platform’s main aim is to give researchers the opportunity to browse through research projects that are pursued by Leibniz Institutes and African research institutions in order to create new opportunities for collaborative research. We welcome your contributions and encourage you to get in touch with each other.


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